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Top 9 Job Market Trends Youll See in 2017- TheJobNetwork

Top 9 Job Market Trends Youll binnensee in 2017- TheJobNetworkThere are a lot of variables going into any given year that might affect the job market or economic climate in general. In 2017, with new administrations, this is even mora true. Fortunately, there are a few trends we already know we can expect for this year. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Candidate/Employee SatisfactionAfter facing a lot of bad press for subpar candidate experience and employee dissatisfaction, companies are now trying to boost their PR by proving that they have a constructive and better experience for applicants. Companies are also paying attention to employee loyalty and retention and how to boost those things. Data scientists are starting to pay attention to the HR process in general. This means its going to be a better environment for new hires and job seekers if ansicht trends keep up.2. AutomationThis has been a worry for years, but it seems only to be trending more and more. Blue collar jobs in manual labor and manufacturing have long been impacted, and that impact will only grow. But tech jobs and other white collar opportunities are likely to shrink, as analytic tools are becoming more automated as computers get smarter. If youre in a job likely to be replaced by automation, start figuring out how to tweak or transition now while youre not up against any walls.3. Awareness of Gendered PayCompanies are finally starting to pay attention to the fact that women are paid consistently less for doing the same work. Employers will hopefully start taking action in 2017 to correct this pay gap.4. Goodbye GigsThe so-called gig economy isnt going to be so dominant. (And, in fact, only about 4.3% of the population makes money from platforms like Uber, Airbnb, etc.) Jobs are prizing creativity, judgment, personal skills, and critical thinkingall things that require working as a team and dont allow for as much location or schedule flexibi lity.5. A Decrease inBenefitsFewer and fewer companies are offering benefitslet alone the flashy packages of Cadillac perks. Say goodbye to free food, gym passes, game pods, on-site acupuncture, even paid leave. If you can get a pension and health care, youll be doing really well.6. The Rise of FreelanceMore and more, the blended workforce will become a dominant thing, with teams being built of long-term and freelance employees. Offices will hire on-demand to get out of offering benefits or to handle short-term projects on a case by case basis. As much as 40% of the workforce might be freelance in the coming year.7. Constant ReviewThe concept of the annual review is on the wane. Expect to be evaluated more casually, more often, and without the usual warning/on-boarding.8. Emphasis on The TeamThe concept of the team will reign supreme, and might even be more important than individual performance. Companies will start to restructure, making teams a huge priority, and focusing on organ izational design.9. Casual CultureCasual Fridays attire might become the norm. Fewer and fewer jobs are requiring employees to show up in suits and ties these days. Company cultures are becoming a bit more open, with shared workspace and lax dress codes. Dont let this affect your performance though that should never be casual

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Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of Resume Writing Services in Philadelphia Pa

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The Walking Mentorship, Day 3 Change Is the Only Constant

The Walking Mentorship, Day 3 Change Is the Only Constant Joo Perre Viana is the mastermind behind theWalking Mentorshipprogram, an innovative one-week experience that helps people face their personal andprofessionalchallenges while taking a120-kilometer (74.5-mile) hike alongthe Camino de Santiago.The purpose of this methodology is to help gain perspective on what is important (both personally and professionally), update ur reality maps, and create an action plan for the future, Viana says.On Sunday, August 28, Viana embarked on his latest hike.Over the course of this week, he will be updating us daily about the journey he and his participants are on. Read the rest of the series part 0, part 1, and part 2.- Ed. Note.700 AM Slowly, weve been adjusting to earlier starts in order to accommodatelonger daily distances. Before starting our walk this morning, we gave ourselves 10 minutes of stretching exercises to getour muscles and joints ready for action. We had breakfastas early as possible to avoid the heat, and at 800 AM, we started individually and in silence, first in the direction of Bouzas, one kilometer away. Then it welches two kilometers to Sobreira, three to Viduedo, two to Casas Novas, and finally, oneto Cea, where we made our first stop of the day.In Cea, the traditional houses, community ovens, raised granaries, and barns greeted us everywhere we looked, but it was the famous wheat bread among the best in Galicia that wefocused on. The bread from Cea has aprotected designation of origin, and we all managed to prove why putting away a few sliceseach.Todays journey proved to be the right time for us all to look deep into ourselves. We used our walk to reflect on the things we would like to change in our lives. Supported by yesterdays exercises, we felt better prepared to face whatever would come next.Perspective changes everything, but to gain perspective, we first need some distance. Nothing beats walking when it come s to disconnecting from your daily life.While adjusting your body and mind to the rhythm of the walk, youuse the time to silently think about the fundamentals of your life. That becomes the mental and physical fuel that keeps you goingstep after step, kilometer after kilometer.After our stop in Cea and the second breakfast of the day, we headed to the Magic Forest path, a perfect section of 10 kilometers inthe middle ofnowhere thatled us to everywhere inside ourselves. Alone and in silence, we reached a place to unload some of our burdens especially those things that are not going well in our lives.Along the way, we used little mountains of stone to deposit our burdens and leave them behind us. Some stonesstay where we leave them, but some have to continue with us until the moment we understand its time to unload.After anintermediate stop for water, rest, and a little stretch, we began the final walking section of the day this time in pairs. We reached the monastery of Oseira, a p lace where change is indeed the only constant but one that follows a different notion of time.The local Albergue (hostel) seemed untouched since the first pilgrims passed by in the 12th century, receiving the same peaceful welcome from the local monastic community that we experienced attending the vespers service in the evening.The simplicity of this place clearly invited us tounderstand a sign placed at the dormitoryIf you want to feel the real value of what surrounds you, reduce the amount of options.A thought-provoking ideato wrap up our day indeed, especially in a world where it seems that nothing will ever be enough.On our third day, we had continued to dig even deeper into ourselves, using the time in silence to reflect on some importantquestions andvisualize change in our lives.The stars appeared peacefully over the sky in Oseira, and our minds and bodies blended into the landscape around us.Laying in the dormitory now, our minds oscillate between the sweet taste of being he re and the challenge ahead of us. Tomorrow, we will walk our longest section on the route, roughly30 kilometers of ups and downs.Ultreia et Suseia,JoaoPhotos from Day 3Joo Perre Viana foundedtheWalking Mentorshipprogram.

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Reasons your salary might not be going up in a strong economy

Reasons your salary might not be going up in a strong economyReasons your salary might not be going up in a strong economyThe US economy is growing at its fastest pace in four years. Unemployment recently sank to an 18-year low. Thats all led President Donald Trump to deem America as the economic envy of the entire world.But, you wouldnt know that by looking at your pay stub. Wage growth has been sluggish, as Business Insiders Rich Feloni recently reported.Even our nationalstaats top economists are baffled. Such low unemployment should mean that employers are kicking up pay in order to lure in workers. Yet, theyre not.Theres no single reason for why wage growth has been dismal. Business Insider spoke to three economists to shed light on their theories on the conundrum Jake Rosenfeld of the University of Washington in St. Louis, Economic Policy Institute senior economist Heidi Shierholz, and Brookings Institution senior fellow Jay Shambaugh.Heres what they sharedProductivity gains hav e been minimalA lack of productivity growth could explain the fall in wages, Shambaugh said.Growth in productivity, which is the output we get from every hour of work, has been declining in the US, as well as across advanced economies globally.Labor productivity grew at an average of 2.1% from 1987 to 2004, when it began falling, according to one McKinsey report. But since 2011, labor productivity growth has fallen to an average of 0.7%.Still, wages havent followed productivity gains in the longer run, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Productivity is up 243% since 1948, but wages are only 109% higher.Companies are increasing their spending on benefitsEmployers have been increasing their spending on benefits - particularly health insurance, as Pew Research Center reported. Theres also retirement-account contributions, transit subsidies, tuition reimbursement, and the like to take into consideration.Wage and salary costs have grown 5.3% costs since 2001, adjusted for infla tion, while benefit costs are up 22.5%.While this is, as Shambaugh said, a pretty small part of the full picture, it may be keeping down workers pay in these past few years of economic growth.Corporations are directing more of their money to shareholders and executives, not everyday workersFor decades, corporate profits and employee wages grew at a similar pace. But since 2002 or so, corporate profits have surged past worker compensation.As The New York Times reported in July, Corporate profits have rarely swept up a bigger share of the nations wealth, and workers have rarely shared a smaller one.Jared Bernstein, an economic adviser to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., told the Times that workers would have significantly more cash in their pockets had their share of the countrys wealth not shrunk so much. In total, that amounts to about $532 billion, or $3,400 per partie per year.Meanwhile, the majority of corporate profits have been going to corporate investors and chief e xecutives, whose compensation is often based on stocks, or foreign mergers and acquisitions.Tons of low-wage workers are finally re-entering the workforceFrom a technical standpoint, Shambaugh said wage growth numbers may appear dismal simply because tons of low-wage workers are only just now recovering from the Recession. Theyre now re-joining the workforce and lowering the median wage.If you keep adding people who are low-wage workers, it will bring down the whole wage series, Shambaugh said.But that doesnt explain why wage growth has been low in the long-run.Unemployment isnt as low as we think it isTons of job openings and not a lot of workers available to fill them ostensibly cause wages to go up. Employers raise wages in order to encourage their employees to stick around.However, the unemployment rate of 3.9% only accounts for those who are seeking work. So, Shierholz said, there are many jobless people out there who arent looking for work. That means that the job market is no t as tight as it seems.Fewer working-age adults are participating in the labor force or job search than before the recession. Part of the reason is that wages are too low to incentivize people to work they might find it more economically viable to care for children or stay home if they have health problems.The wages are so low that its hard to draw people into the labor force, Shambaugh said.Membership in unions has declined, which means fewer wage gains to those both in and out of unionsFollowing World War II, one in three workers belonged to a union, according to Rosenfeld, who wrote What Unions No Longer Do. Thats since fallen to one in 10.The people who lose out on the decline of unions arent just union workers themselves, said Rosenfeld. Union spillover effects meant that non-union workers also enjoyed wage boosts because their employers would peg pay to the union rates so that their workers didnt unionize.Non-managerial construction, transportation, and manufacturing workers w ere most likely to be unionized, said Rosenfeld.Shareholders dont want companies to raise wagesWhen American Airlines announced last year they would be giving raises to pilots and flight attendants, the companys stock tanked by 5.2% in one day.This is frustrating. Labor is being paid first again. Shareholders get leftovers, Citi analyst Kevin Crissey wrote in a note to clients, the Los Angeles Times reported.In fact, airlines are facing a massive pilot shortage right now because labor hasnt been getting paid first. Pilots median earnings decreased by 9.5% from 2000 to 2012, according to a Government Accountability Office report.Rosenfeld said that market moves like that have helped keep wages low.There is this idea that shareholders are the one set of stakeholders that deserve the largest share of a companys profits, rather than balancing the need of other stakeholders like workers or consumers, Rosenfeld said.In summary, economists say workers have lost much of their powerElevating shareholders over the workers, the reduced presence of unions, and a general decline in labor standards have all taken power away from the workers.The tight labor market shifts bargaining power to workers, but the other things like labor unions and strong labor standards have taken a huge hit over the past four decades, Shierholz said.Now, 3.9% unemployment isnt enough to drive up wages.Given that those other things that have given bargaining power to workers have eroded so dramatically, you need a tighter and tighter labor market to spur meaningful wage growth, she said.This article first appeared on Business Insider.

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How to Prepare for Different Types of Job Interviews

How to Prepare for Different Types of Job InterviewsHow to Prepare for Different Types of Job Interviews1Congratulations You made it through what many consider to be the toughest part of the job search process- landing an interview Now its time to consider how to convince the employer that you are the right fit for this job.Check out these tips on how to prepare for differenttypes of job interviewsPanel InterviewCompanies that conduct panel interviews will typically bring in a variety of representatives (perhaps someone from human resources, a manager from the pertinent department, and an employee) to get a group consensus on candidates. Each person will ask questions and provide ingestaltation relevant to his or herbei role.Key Try to connect with each member of the panel.Prepare a question for each person.Greet every individual with a smile and a handshake.Address and make eye contact with everyone, not just the rep you consider most important.Learn all names, and send each intervi ewer a thank-you note.Group InterviewThis technique is often used as a way to prescreen applicants for a particular position. Several candidates may be invited to a presentation about the company and the job(s) available. Each job seeker is likely to be asked a couple of questions in a one-on-one setting after the presentation.Key View it as a learning opportunity.Pay attention during the group portion. Jot notes on what stands out and statements that could use further clarification.Observe the interactions between those giving the presentation. You may gain clues about company culture.Use your question and answer time as an informational interview to determine how interested you are in working for this employer.Career Fair InterviewA variety of potential employers gathered in one place for the purpose of screening job candidates can feel like a pot of gold or a meat market, depending on your perspective. Your time frame to make an impression is often very limited, so be memorable.K ey Focus on getting to the next round.Dont just drop your resume and leave. Hold a conversation with the representative.Craft an awesome elevator pitch that gets the tanzabend rolling and makes the employer want to know you better.Do research beforehand on companies of interest. Youll be able to ask thoughtful, intelligent questions rather than basic ones.Ask about the next step in the process, and follow up.Phone InterviewWhether the first step in a recruiting process or the sole interview tool, phone interviews need to be taken just as seriously as in-person meetings.Key Preparation.Secure a quiet place away from noise and disruptions.If using a cell, make sure its charged.Keep the job ad, your resume, and other information handy.Be ready with questions and talking points.Ask for an email address in order to express thanks and follow up.Skype InterviewEliminating the time and travel costs of an on-site interview, but providing a deeper impression than a phone conversation, video i nterviews are especially popular among companies with a global presence and ones hiring for telecommuting positions.Key Same as for a phone interview, but with a few additional considerations.Dress professionally from head to toe.Declutter your environment.Perform a test zustrom with a friend to ensure equipment is working and you know how to use it. Practice will help you get comfortable being in front of a screen, and feedback before the event allows time to adjust lighting, volume, centering, and other things that influence how you come across.Lunch/Dinner InterviewIf there was travel involved for either party to make the interview happen or if the employer wants to get a sense of your social skills, you might be asked to interview over a meal.Key Stay professional in a social setting.Never order an alcoholic beverage, regardless of what the interviewer does. Politely decline if it is offered.Follow the interviewers lead on making a menu choice. Dont order a filet if they choose a hamburger.Choose something that isnt messy or difficult to eat over a conversation (and preferably wont leave bad breath).Be sure your table manners are at peak formDestination InterviewHolding the interview at a coffee shop or other establishment is an option for companies that lack a brick-and-mortar office or prefer a more casual atmosphere.Key Same as for a lunch/dinner interview, but with a few additional considerations.Confirm all details in advance. You dont want to find out too late that your interviewer is at the Starbucks on Main while you assumed she meant the one on Elm.Ask how to recognize the interviewer. He may be hard to spot in a busy place.Remember that it is still an interview. Dress appropriately (business casual), bring your portfolio and other material, jot notes, come prepared with questions, and follow up within 24 hours to express gratitude and enthusiasm.Regardless of the interview scenario, dont sweat it if the process ends up being different from what y ou were anticipating. Being able to handle whatever comes up in an interview is one way for companies to determine whether you are the right person to handle the job. Go in with confidence, remain calm, and roll with the punchesWant more interview advice? Check out our job interviewing tips category.Carol Cochran contributed to this post.

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CX Designer Job Description

CX Designer Job DescriptionCX Designer Job DescriptionInterested in becoming - or hiring - a CX designer? Heres the scoop on this emerging role.User experience (UX) isnt just a buzzword its a priority for more and more companies. And the UX designer role is only growing in demand. But research for ur Creative Team of the Future program shows theres another creative position thats emerging as a business must-have customer experience designer or CX designer for short.A CX designer is responsible for creating satisfying or compelling experiences for users of a product, with a focus on reshaping the customer experience to maximize conversions. These individuals must have an expert understanding of touchpoints across the entire customer jurney.Denis Dyli is the founder of Pivofy, a digital agency that specializes in designing and developing e-commerce websites. He has more than eight years of UX and user interface (UI) design and development experience, and most recently delved into cus tomer experience design. We chatted with him about what it takes to be a CX designer and how managers can recruit the right talent for this role.What does your role as a CX designer entail?My main job is to design blueprints - including wireframes, roadmaps, workflows, personas and scenarios - of websites that have an enhanced customer experience and higher results on metrics such as conversion rates and customer engagement. I analyze the audience, customer behavior and what things affect their decision-making, and then build around behauptung key metrics. In a few words, I am a designer that solves problems.What path did you take to become a CX designer?I started my career as a developer. It is interesting because most of the people I know try to move from design to development. I did the opposite. And the reason was because I started seeing development as more mechanical than creative. I found out that most issues can be solved before the development starts, and was very enthusi astic about handling projects in the early stages. For a while, I was doing UX, UI and development. Being a developer is a huge plus for me because I know the potential and limits of applying technology.What hard and soft skills do you use regularly?Besides being creative, I have to listen carefully to the problems our clients are facing. Most of the time, issues get identified after long discussions about whole project workflows. We cant isolate problems and solve them separately. Instead, we have to see the big picture. Communication is as important as the ability to use UX and UI tools.What tools and platforms do you use in your job?Mostly, I use the Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Photoshop). Recently, I am using a tool named UxPin, which allows me to create creative dynamic models for web and mobile.Whats the best part of the CX designer job?First, when you present a new effective and creative idea to the client and you get the wow response. Secon d, when the idea is applied and you see significant results, like higher conversion rates and customer engagement or longer time spent on the site.Whats the most challenging aspect of the role?There are certain practices that work very well for certain industries and others that dont. As an example, in the apparel industry, professional photos and good reviews are essential to improve conversion rates because the shopping process is mostly visual. In the auto parts industry, these two elements have nicht unter effect. What really matters here is the ability to easily find the exact part for a specific car. If the searching workflow and functionality are simple and precise, you have more chances to earn that customer. So, the most challenging aspect of my job is to identify the best practices of the particular industry and product early on the discovery phase.Any last tips for CX designers?You have to stay up to date with the most recent design and technology trends. It is also impor tant to follow the leaders of UX and UI blogs to see what is new out there. Last but not least, keep apprised of updates from popular web giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. They do tons of research, tests and analyses when they update their platforms. Try to understand why they do what they do and then apply these practices in your future projects.Are you hiring creative professionals? We can help Learn more about all of our creative staffing solutions.

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Professional Emirates Flight Attendant CV Template

Professional Emirates Flight Attendant CV TemplateProfessional Emirates Flight Attendant CV TemplateThe process of looking for the perfect job can take awhile, and one of the most important things is to write an effective CV that will attract the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. A strong CV will include relevant work experience, notable accomplishments, skills and qualifications, and education. In buchung to get a grip on how to write a winning CV from the start, consult our Emirates flight attendant cv template. It highlights the important sections and gives you writing tips so that you can customize your own CV for the perfect position.Create This CVEmirates Flight Attendant CV Template Sara AndersonNew York, NY 11111E P 555-555-1212Professional SummaryProfessional flight attendant with over 10 years of experience in international travel. Customer-focused and passionate about providing world-class service during all aspects of flight. Proven leaders hip skills with attention to detail. Loyal, dependable, and friendly.Work ExperienceHead Flight AttendantBritish AirwaysDecember 2010- Present Attend pre-flight meetings to review details of flight and emergency evacuation procedures, and discuss potential issues and solutions. Supervise up to 10 flight attendants and coordinate duties mediate conflicts between crew members. Take inventory of food items, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, headsets, and sales transactions prior to take off and landing order supplies as needed. Manage problems within the cabin to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers within the entire length of the flight. Check onhauptplatine emergency equipment and first aid kits to ensure proper functionality assist with emergency situations during flight. Reinforce and uphold FAA and additional regulatory requirements to keep flight crew and passengers safe.Flight AttendantUnited AirlinesJanuary 2007- December 2010 Demonstrated use of emergency and safet y equipment ensured seat belts were fastened during take-off, landing, and turbulence. Served and sold snacks, beverages, and meals coordinated meals for passengers with dietary restrictions. Provided blankets and pillows for passenger comfort, answered passenger questions regarding flight, and made sure passengers were secure and satisfied.Flight Attendant Sun Country AirlinesMarch 2005- January 2007 Welcomed passengers during boarding process, checked tickets, and helped them find seats assisted with stowing carry-on luggage. Educated passengers on procedures, maintained safe conditions in cabin, and helped passengers when necessary. Provided customer service in the form of answering questions, serving food and beverage, and handing out magazines, headsets, pillows, and blankets.Education and TrainingAssociate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism2005Current FAA Certification2017Skills Fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic Great customer service skills including tact, resourcefulness , and poise Excellent communication skills Attentive and great attention to detail Strong decision-making skills Ability to lead groups of people and coordinate action during stressful situations First aid and CPR certifiedHobbies and InterestsWhen not working, I take part in all different types of exercise, such as running, cycling, weight lifting, tennis, yoga, and rock climbing. I love to explore various areas of the world and interact with people of different cultures. I have a passion for language and am currently studying French and Mandarin. I also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and a variety of childrens organizations.Customize CVEmirates Flight Attendant Resume Questions1. How do you write a summary statement for an Emirates flight attendant CV?When an employer first reads over your CV, the professional summary typically stands out the most. In the Emirates flight attendant resume sample, the professional summary shows off the candidates top selling points. A good summ ary should introduce you, tout your best attributes, and include only three main points. Some applicants new to the workforce or changing careers may opt to have an objective statement in their resume instead of the summary for better results.2. What should your education section look like in an Emirates flight attendant CV?The education section is one of the most important parts of a CV or resume. Hiring managers recruiting flight attendants want to see evidence of success in the CV, and you can show off your potential with a complete education section. In the Emirates flight attendant resume sample, the candidate lists her highest degree at the top of her education section and only includes the basic details. She also gives information about her industry-specific certifications that are essential to the airline industry. While its not necessary to include your GPA or classes, you can mention if you graduated with honors in this section.3. Whats the best resume template to use for an Emirates flight attendant CV?The goal of your CV is to make yourself stand out, and your documents design can help you achieve this. Its best to stick with a clean or classic template for your CV, such as the Emirates flight attendant resume sample. Ideally, this template will help you put the most important information about yourself at the top, such as your contact details and professional summary. If you struggle with organizing all your information, the resume builder can help you craft your CV step-by-step. This way, you can know exactly what to say to help your CV be the one employers notice for the best flight attendant jobs.4. What should go in the experience section of your Emirates flight attendant CV?The experience section is a great spot to give further details about your skills as a flight attendant. Before you start writing, look at examples, such as the Emirates flight attendant resume sample, for some inspiration about wording and phrasing. Use engaging action ver bs to describe each previous job responsibility and give the employer a clear vision of your impact. Instead of focusing on a selection of your jobs duties, strive to tell a story about how you have helped passengers feel comfortable, improved customer service, and demonstrated exemplary safety practices in your work.5. How do you write about your hobbies on your CV?A CV gives candidates an opportunity to provide more information than allowed on a resume, such as a section detailing hobbies and interests. In the Emirates flight attendant resume sample, the candidate takes advantage of this extra section for the CV and gives more details about her suitability for the position. Think of the hobbies section of the CV as a place to sell yourself even more as a perfect candidate. You should only include hobbies that relate to the demands of the job, such as learning new languages and experiencing new cultures. You can also include hobbies that give employers an idea of your character.Usi ng a Job Description to Create a Standout Emirates Flight Attendant CVA Sample Emirates Flight Attendant DescriptionJob SummaryDo you love to travel the world? Are you passionate about delivering world-class service to enhance the flight experience? Flying for Emirates means that you will be a part of an elite squad of flight attendants, and you will be able to use your customer service skills to support our flight crew. As an employee of one of the worlds leading airlines, you will have multiple opportunities to expand your career. Along with a flexible schedule, you will be rewarded with a healthy benefits package.Job ResponsibilitiesAs part of our mission to deliver superior customer service, job responsibilities will include the following Make passengers feel welcome as they board the plane, assist with stowing luggage, and offer items of comfort. Demonstrate emergency and safety procedures answer passengers questions about specific procedures, flight details, and services. Cond uct regular trips through the cabins to distribute requested items, serve and refill beverages, and ensure passenger comfort. Assist with passengers who need help, such as the elderly, small children, or disabled individuals. Prepare reports related to beverage and meal inventories, flight schedules, cabin equipment repairs, and passenger complaints. Administer first aid, reassure worried passengers, and remain calm and confident during emergency situations. Job SkillsEmirates is looking for the best of the best. Our required qualifications and skills include A minimum of five years experience in international travel Fluent in English and Arabic other languages strongly preferred College degree in hospitality, tourism, customer service, communications, or similar First aid and CPR certified Excellent customer service skills Strong oral and written communication skills Past supervisory experience is a plusCreate This CVHow to Employ the Job Description in Your Emirates Flight Attenda nt CVIn order for your CV to be noticed by the hiring manager, it is important that your CV matches up with key elements from the job description. A good idea is to read the job description and then tailor your own CV to specific aspects in the description. For example, in the Emirates flight attendant cv template, the phrase world-class service is used in the professional summary, which mirrors the saatkorn phrase in the job description summary.You also want your past work experiences to match up with the responsibilities listed in the job description, as this shows the employer that you have the experience for the job at hand. Also match up your qualifications and skills. The job description example lists a number of qualifications, such as first aid, CPR, customer service and communication skills, and language fluency, which are listed in the Emirates flight attendant cv template. Use exact phrases as much as possible, as this demonstrates you are a great fit for the position.